When talking about etiquette, a little goes a long way, especially in a world where convenience is king and etiquette isn’t always convenient. If you want to spread the gap between you and your competitors in the business world, this is where you can stand out!

I’m not talking about remembering to say please and thank you and behaving appropriately in public, that should be a given … (If not, we need to have a completely different conversation). I’m talking about the things that used to be common sense before our generation started taking everything for granted and making assumptions instead of actually letting people know there efforts as an employee and loyalty as a customer were appreciated.

A simple thank you note goes a LONG way … To the generation before us this used to be common sense. If you receive a gift, assistance, service of some sort etc, you send a thank you note. This can make you stand out in the business world like you wouldn’t believe! Sadly, simply because no one does it anymore.

Imagine as a consumer having done business with someone and a few weeks later, after you have long forgotten that transaction, you receive a thank you note letting you know that whoever you did business with values you as a client. Who will you choose to do business with the next time you need that type of service?

This can be applied to almost any business! Whether you are a plumber, mechanic, construction worker, photographer, consultant, accountant, financial planner, school bus driver, events coordinator … Shall I go on?

Just so that we are clear before moving on, I am not suggesting that you send a thank you email … ANYONE can do that in 30 seconds or less. People have preset scripts that they fire off to their clients whenever it is applicable … I have news for you … Your clients know they are not special … And that is why there is no loyalty in the business world anymore. It’s our fault for treating our clients as just that, clients.

The thank you cards I am suggesting you send should be had written and sent in the mail. I know that to some of you this sounds like a time consuming process, believe it or not, it isn’t. If you keep thank you cards in your briefcase or in the top drawer of your desk you can simply pull one out as soon as you are done with a client and fill it out in 10 seconds and then if you must you can pass it on to someone else to send in the mail for you at a designated time.

It’s really that simple and like I said before … A little goes a long way.

This is just one thing you can do to stand out from the rest in a world where personal touch barely exists.

Concepts like this are dealt with on a much larger scale in a book called “Miss Manners”. I will be forever grateful to the person who first recommended this book to me.


Miss Manners.png

I highly recommend that anyone dealing with people on a professional level read this book. It is a bit thick and some parts may be a little hard to get through, but it is full of priceless information on things that we just don’t do anymore. Things that will make the world of difference in your business.