In a previous post I briefly touched on balance, I’d like to take some time to elaborate on this. Heading into a new year creates the perfect platform for making sure that we’ve got our priorities are straight. Most of us have spend the last few weeks reflecting and setting new goals, but where do these goals stem from?

Goal setting should alway start from a place of making sure you maintain balance in your life. Your goals should be in alignment with all the things that are important to you both personally and professionally.

There are 3 key areas that you need to have balance in simultaneously:

YOU! (spiritual beliefs, personal time, health, fitness etc …)

Personal Life (relationships, family, friends)

Professional Life (business, social obligations etc…)

You have to keep all of these plates spinning at the same time, once one falls they all start to wobble and eventually you have a huge mess to clean up.

Believe it or not I listed these in order of importance. In an attempt to be politically correct and respect everyones personal beliefs I called the first of the 3 key areas that require balance “YOU!”. This key area can really mean anything you want it to. The reason YOU are so important is because if you aren’t right with yourself or doing things in alignment with what is important to you, you will feel out of whack and unable to focus. Don’t be afraid to take some much needed down time to relax and refocus. You will be 110% more productive afterwards because you’ll be able to concentrate on the tasks at hand instead of all the other things you’d rather be doing.

“Personal Life” and “Professional Life” don’t really need to be explained. As I said earlier I listed these in order of importance. I know some may think it’s strange that business is listed last considering that this is a business blog. There is a method to my madness. If you aren’t balanced in the other areas of your life you can forget having a “Professional Life”, everything is connected. The most successful people are successful in life first so that they can achieve the kind of success they want to achieve professionally.

Keep this in mind as we celebrate the start of a new year, you may even want to add this to your list of goals for 2014. The most successful people had to personally develop until they believed they were worthy of the success they want to achieve before they could ever achieve it.

“Success is an inside job.”