Business Master Minds and Bazillionaires around the world didn’t become successful overnight in secret … Success is a process and most of them are happy to share how they got there.

If you want to achieve greatness in life, business or anything for that matter it helps to follow in the footsteps of someone who’s already done it. Having a mentor is more important than most realize. Whether your mentor is someone you know or someone you admire from a far is up to you, they are equal in value.

Having someone to learn from who has already walked the path you have chosen gives you a benchmark to work towards. You can evaluate your progress based on their achievements and learn from their mistakes to save you the time and trouble of having to learn from your own.

Anyone who has accomplished anything worth speaking of or duplicating has left several clues as to how they got there. All you have to do is make sure that you are ready to see them.

Much like the expression “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”, when you have a goal in mind or something you are trying to accomplish and you are ready to act you’ll start picking up on all the little things that you weren’t ready to see before. Your awareness will increase, almost like you have little antennas sticking our of your head honing in on exactly what you need to see or hear to aid you on your journey.

“Success is achieved when opportunity and preparedness meet”. I’m sure most can relate to that statement. As entrepreneurs we probably relate to it a little differently. In the beginning when first starting out a lot of opportunities may have passed us by. Some because we weren’t ready yet or some because we had bitten off more than we could chew and couldn’t take on anything more at the time. Bottom line is that opportunities passed us by because we weren’t prepared. On the other hand, we may have started out as experts in our field with all the systems in place to handle whatever came our way and had no work, no opportunities. The point I’m trying to make is that you always need to be prepared for whatever comes your way so that you can achieve the highest level of success possible in all you do.

How do you prepare for something you don’t know how to be prepared for? … Study someone who’s blazed the trail before you. Find someone, anyone, who has what you want to achieve and study everything about how they got there, what challenges they faced, how they overcame them, how they would do things differently if they started over again today and so on.

You don’t have to pick just one person either. Keep in mind that everything works some of the time and not everything works the same for everyone. You need to catalogue all of the useful information you come across so that you can draw on it whenever necessary. You never know when something will be useful to you and if you don’t take the time to add things to your “swipe file” you’ll miss the opportunity to use them.

Mentors provide inspiration, when you are stuck or feel like you’ve gone as far as you can go, chances are you just need to read a little, or take a step back to reflect so you can gain a little perspective.

Your mentor will always be one step ahead of you. Just as you think you are catching up or have them beat at their own game they’ll surprise you by revealing a whole other level. It’s their job to keep the carrot dangling in front of you so you are always striving to be better, have more, accomplish bigger things … After all, how do you stay motivated if your mentor lets you think you’ve arrived?

Success is not a secret, it’s quite the opposite and anyone who’s had success is always happy to share how they got there. Take advantage of the information that is out there and use everything you can on your own path to success. You too will leave your own clues as you improve upon the things you learn from the people you’ve chosen to emulate which in turn will help those who aspire to emulate you one day. This is the opposite of game of broken telephone. The message doesn’t fall apart into gibberish by the end it’s constantly getting tweaked and improved upon until the end result is more effective than the original.

Borrow the knowledge of the people who have gone before you, add and improve upon everything as you move forward and leave behind your own clues for the those who will eventually follow in your footsteps on their own paths to success.