YOU are your Brand

Everything you say, everything you do, everything you stand for, every opinion you have will have an impact on your business … Whether you want it to or not. This is something that should be taught early on, as early as possible.

With Social Media connecting everyone and making your life so public your reputation is no longer yours. Seconds after you do something it can end up somewhere online without you even knowing it. Sometimes thats a good thing, unfortunately most of the time it’s not. You can do 101 amazing things in your life, but the one bad thing you do will get talked about 10x more often than all of the good.

This is the world we live in so we need to adjust accordingly. In business I was always taught to go about my day like there was a camera on my shoulder and my Mom was watching everything I was doing.

If your parents had a tiny camera on your shoulder and were watching your every move, would they be proud of you?

There used to be a way to segregate your personal and professional life which allowed some pretty shady characters to get further ahead than they should have in this world. Now with everyones phone having the ability to take pictures, record and immediately post things online it makes it very hard to operate without integrity. The whole world is now connected by the click of a button. That demands people to be authentic in all things or they’ll get “found out”.

At first I looked at this as a bad thing … I didn’t need my professional contacts seeing embarrassing pictures people posted of me at family functions or Christmas morning in my PJ’s or when I was out with my friends, especially since I entered the business world at a very young age. However, after giving this some thought I came to the conclusion that if everything I am doing is moral, ethical and legal there is nothing wrong with being human, truthfully people will find you more relatable that way.

Keeping in mind that everything you do, and I mean EVERYTHING, has the potential to show up somewhere someday and effect your personal or professional image demands that you to be the best possible version of yourself. How can that possibly be a bad thing?! Isn’t that what we’re all striving for anyway?

Don’t be afraid to show your human side a little  as long as you are always doing your best and acting in a way that you and the people around you can be proud of. After all, you are your brand … How does your brand impact your business?