How to build a strong Marketing Strategy

Our last post ended saying that one of the last things you need to do as you put the initial framework in place for your business is develop a strong marketing strategy and stay consistent. In this post we’ll elaborate on that and give you some resources that you can use to aid you in that process.

First things first, we believe that Marketing and Advertising are two distinctly different things. Advertising still requires you to be good at sales. People will see your ads and have to contact you for more information, at which point you will try to convert this lead into a sale. We believe that Marketing is the approach you use to educate consumers about why you are different, why they should do business with you, what your value points are etc… When you have a strong Marketing Strategy in place that educates the consumer, 99.9% of the time your phone rings it will be because they are ready to do business with you.

So you tell us which is more effective and where you should distribute the bulk of your time and resources … Marketing  or advertising?

Well, that’s kind of a no brainer …

So now what? How do you develop a strong marketing strategy when you have never taken a course in marketing? It’s actually a lot easier than you may think and there are some pretty incredible resources right at your fingertips.

If you have the resources to hire someone to put something together for you, I highly recommend doing so. There really are some things that should be left to the experts. Even if you hire someone to do the framework for you and give you a step by step guide of what you can do to implement the strategy yourself, that would still be beneficial.

If you are adamant about doing this on your own, then follow our 5 Steps to DIY Marketing and the resources listed below. Our guide will help you position yourself to implement whatever marketing strategy you put together using the information you gather from the links we’ve provided.

1. Set up accounts on all social media sites relevant to promoting your business

You may not use all of them right away, but it is important that you have these accounts under your business name so that you can use them later when you want them. Think about it, if down the road you decide that you want to start a facebook page for your company, but you didn’t previously secure your username and the name for your page, you run the risk of it not being available. The same applies for all other sites.

2. Decide who your audience is

If you don’t know who your target market is, you will waste your time trying to appeal to everyone. Surprisingly, the more specific you are about the type of client you are after the more successful you will be.

Niche Marketing:

3. How can you reach your target market?

If you have read the article above you now know EXACTLY who you are talking to and you should have a pretty good idea of how to talk to them. You need to know what is important to your client so that you can be the solution to the problem they need you to fix.  The most important question at this stage is: “Where will your clients look for you?”

Compile a list of all the places you feel your target market would look for the type of service or product you offer and then establish a strong presence in those areas.

4. How can you effectively communicate with your prospective clients?

Think about this for a second … Everyone communicates differently. You wouldn’t talk to your parents or grandparents the same way you talk to your friends  and you wouldn’t necessarily talk to your professional contacts the same as everyone else either. You need to take the same things into consideration when speaking with your clients. Talk to them at their level so that they can understand, relate and be drawn into conversations with you or intrigued by your marketing materials.

5. Repeat!!! 

Once you’ve claimed all of your social media accounts and started to set up the relevant ones, figured out who your audience is, how to reach them and what to say when you are talking to them you need to repeat, repeat, repeat! Always be adding to or tweaking what you are doing, everything works some of the time. If you find something that works, keep doing it! But until you do, continue to go through these steps and study different ways of marketing your business or your industry until you have a foolproof system that runs on autopilot and spits out more qualified lead than you know what to do with

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